Southern Refineries Ltd., is the largest Re-refinery in India for recycling the used petroleum oil using the most modern technology patented in India by Oryx Engineering and Consultancy Pvt Ltd, named as Hi Vac Process. The process involves the recycling of used / waste oil into high value petroleum products, such as Base Oil, Rubber processing Oil, and Lubricating Oils. The state-of-the-art plant is based at Parassala, in Trivandrum district, Kerala.

Re-refining of petroleum wastes is encouraged throughout the world, to save the depleting resources, as well as to protect the environment from indiscriminate disposal of such wastes.
Southern Refineries Plant has the installed capacity to re-refine 18,000 KL per annum.We provide our customers with the most eco friendly solutions for hazardous waste management

Southern Refineries' Re-refined petroleum products meets highest industry standards that its neutral base oils are purchased to be blended into branded motor oils named as Durol lubricants.

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